Change, Change, Change!

Change is definitely faster than the speed of light. I have always, always believed this. You may know someone for years, decades even but in one split-second or nanosecond or this uncountable moment, EVERYTHING changes!

Since my post on ‘awakening’ a day ago, so many things have happened! And changed! It’s almost as if I opened up a can of worms or Pandora’s box, depending on how you look at it.
The world seems to be still spinning madly on its axis, oblivious to the goings on. There’s been heartbreak, death, birth, marriage, collisions and more. Isn’t it amazing how Nature observes all of this yet seems so oblivious to it all. I often wonder if I will have the strength to be a tree. You know, stand tall through it all.. Conversely, it is also known ( I don’t know how far this has been proven scientifically) that if you regularly sputter a slew of negative words on a plant/tree, it will soon wither and die. So maybe not a tree then? A mountain?

Anyway, I’d give anything to get out of town right now. I know, it’s ‘cowardly’ that my first instinct is to run. But for a brief moment, I’d like everything to just stop – I’d like me some soothing silence of the resting your head on your lovers heart, listening to it beat kind, or a child falling asleep in your arms kind or the marvelling at nature’s masterpiece kind. Hmm.


let’s deal with this!


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