Complete Opposites

My life is a rainbow, his is black and white.
I find happiness in the company of many people, he finds solace in solitude.
I call him overly guarded and cynical, he calls me naive and in denial.
I can’t figure him out but he understands me more than I possibly understand myself.

Usually, I should find myself repulsed by such a person, not that there’s anything repulsive about him, it’s just been my go-to reaction for every time someone calls out my flaws. Yet there’s something about his honesty that just draws me closer to him.

He makes me want to be a better person, not just in life but even spiritually.
And for once, there’s no pressure – there’s no pressure on physical or emotional intimacy – we haven’t even touched but my, oh my, there’s an honest pace and there’s space.
Expectations are normal and minimal for a change and there’s more emphasis on knowing the opposite person.

Honestly, this threw me off guard initially because this has Never happened before.
The truth is:

My dearest M, I am falling slowly, the fortress is crumbling brick by brick and thank you for stopping by.


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