I choose to believe that no matter how our fears try to twist our reality and no matter how much we try and hurt each other through words and actions, that at the core of all our confusion, pain and misunderstanding, we care very deeply about each other. From my perspective, underneath all the temper, I have seen that man, he is good, he is there and I think it’s difficult for me not to love him. But violence makes it difficult to respect him.  Of course I am no angel, I have my own share of faults, they trigger the anger but that’s not an excuse to be abusive. Of course I find it difficult to stay away when your voice keeps me going.  Of course I will want to make it work, whichever way I can. I also choose to believe that you don’t know what you don’t know. Didn’t need and don’t need Anything laced in rituals to know you are our family. We miss you, whenever the bell rings in a particular way, we hope it’s you. Anyway, we will continue to pray that you’re okay and are well. Hugs.  Always.


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