Some days I feel it.

Through my hair. Around my waist.

Some days I hear it.

Roaring laughter.

Some days I see it.

Forced smiles and empty waves.

Some Days I smell it.

Fragrant, Nostalgic, Safe.

Some days I fear it.

Snarling, ready to smite.

Today I finally understand it.

As I frantically tried to piece it together.

It cut. It bled.

Why won’t it even matter to him if I am dead?



the fact is that only I know the full magnitude of what you are going through. But that does not mean you treat me like shit knowing that no matter what happens i am always there for you. I understand we all show love and concern in different ways. Shouting and sarcasm maybe yours but why abuse? I am not disobeying you or undermining your authority by disconnecting the phone. It’s unfortunate that you feel that way. I wish god takes all the love I have for you and only gives you happiness. But please don’t shower me with negativity and abuse like you have today. I have a long way to go, if you cannot be by my side, that’s perfectly fine. But don’t try and cut my legs, too? Take care pooch. i really wish one day you will see that you have never had and never will have anything to fear.